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Connecting Hearts Ministry

Chapel Hill Christian School was founded with a missionary heart.

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CHCS provides a safe place for children to learn, grow and begin to “spread their wings (Isaiah 40:31)”. Here cultural diversity is celebrated, mistakes are learned from, and lifelong friendships are formed.

The Student Sponsorship initiative within the framework of Connecting Hearts stands as a distinctive outreach of our Spanish program. Annually, CHCS students contribute offerings that extend tuition support, books, uniforms, sustenance, and other essential provisions to children enrolled in Christian schools in Guatemala. What commenced in 1994 with a modest sponsorship of three children has since flourished into a robust program encompassing over 250 sponsored students.

CHCS students devote regular prayers for their sponsored peers, fostering a meaningful connection as they exchange letters, images, and thoughtful gifts. Through recurrent visits by CHCS teachers and students to these children in Guatemala, as well as the sharing of stories and videos, the exchange becomes a deeply personal and enriching experience for CHCS students.

The desire of Connecting Hearts Ministry is to raise up godly children with hearts to serve Christ at home and around the world. Please visit our Connecting Hearts Ministry website for more information.




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