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Community Outreach


CHCS is actively equipping students to identify the needs of others and instilling in them the practice of offering prayers and responses to address those needs.

This Christian approach takes shape through nurturing an altruistic spirit that is deeply committed to serving both God and fellow individuals. In 2004, the school's leadership recognized the significance of incorporating this mindset into the foundational teaching and training of the students, aligning with the Scriptural directive to "Love thy neighbor." Consequently, the program of Community Outreach Service Projects was conceived.


Ministry Selection and Community Outreach

Through our program, each class at our school selects a ministry, leading to a diverse range of initiatives that touch numerous lives and enhance our community's well-being.


Diverse Initiatives

Examples of these initiatives include crafting Mother's Day pins for nursing home residents, gathering gifts for Summit County Children's Services to support new arrivals in their care, and creating heartfelt cards and thank-you notes for community firefighters.


Interactions and Engagement

In one instance, a 3rd-grade class journeyed across town to interact with a public school class, fostering meaningful connections.


Sustained Engagement

These examples represent just a portion of our creative endeavors. Each class maintains 2 or 3 connections with their chosen organization or group, ensuring ongoing and impactful engagement.


Hebrews 11:6 says, “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Our goal is to make helping others become a lifelong Christian response – seeing a need and acting on it. With the help of the home, and the church, Chapel Hill Christian School will become a training ground for community leaders and caring people, building character through community service.

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