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Chess Club

Chess has been a part of Chapel Hill Christian School for many years. In 2003, the club began entering local competitions. We have a history of having players and teams competing successfully in local and state-wide competitions as well as a number of individuals competing in national tournaments.

Along these paths, they have had fun and have built each other up to reach individual and team achievements. The Chess Club meets after school once a week in the fall and spring.



At Chapel Hill, our goal is to use technology to enhance the student’s learning experience and prepare them for responsible use in all of their endeavors.

In addition to traditional technology, we have integrated robotics into the learning environment where students can learn vital critical thinking skills that go beyond the classroom. The Robotics Club participates in a team oriented global competition. The students work together to program their robots to solve various missions which include engineering and design elements.


Student Leadership
Team 4:12

Team 4:12 is a student leadership program for our 6th-grade students founded on the truths of I Timothy 4:12. We desire to challenge our 6th-graders to lead by example. They are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of jobs, fill out a job application, and then have a job interview with the principal.

They work at their job 1-2 times per week alongside our faculty and staff. Through this program, we mentor and nurture the students to develop lives of servant leadership.

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