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Tuition Options


Tuition & Fee Schedule: We update our schedule regularly and we try to make it as affordable as possible.


Application Fee:
The application fee is $40 and must be submitted with the online application. This fee is non-refundable.

Enrollment Fee:
The enrollment fee is $300 for PS/PK and $600 For K-6th Grade and covers admission, administrative, and technology costs; please review the Financial Section in the parent handbook for a more detailed list. Please note: Before a student may attend school, payment must be set-up through a FACTS payment plan or payment may be made in full.  This fee is non-refundable.

Payment Plans:
Parents may choose from the following options:

1) Full payment of tuition and Enrollment Fee (less EdChoice Scholarship).

2) Weekly (PS and PK only, 35 payments); Monthly (11 payments, July-May or 10 payments, August-May); Quarterly; or Semi-annually through the FACTS tuition payment plan. FACTS is an automatic cash transfer plan from checking or savings. There is an annual fee per FACTS tuition contract: Semi-Annual - $25; Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly - $55. These fees include using FACTS to prepay lunch and/or daycare.  If you would like to only use FACTS to prepay lunch and/or daycare, the annual fee is $20. If you are using a Credit Card for your payments there will be service fee charges on your FACTS management account.

Scholarship Opportunities
*Financial aid may be available for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade based on need AFTER applying for an EdChoice Scholarship. To ensure assistance is fairly distributed based on need, we use FACTS Management for an objective evaluation.  There is a $40 fee required for this option. Financial Aid Applications are available on-line on our ‘Family Portal’ (Parents Web). Select FINANCIAL, then under FINANCIAL LINKS click “Apply for Grant & Aid”.   

*Application to the state EdChoice scholarship program must be submitted before applying for this Financial Assistance.


FACTS Tuition Management

Tuition can be paid in full by August 1, or set up with our monthly payment plan using FACTS Tuition Management.

Chapel Hill Christian School uses the FACTS Tuition Management Program to handle our payment plans. If you pay your tuition through FACTS Tuition Management, you can check on the status of your account, the schedule of payments still to be made, a listing of those payments already made, and a complete listing of all activity through your RenWeb account.

NOTE: If you would like more information about the company, feel free to visit their Web site FACTS Tuition Management is the largest service provider in the industry serving schools in all 50 states. They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours.

Facts Tuition Management Call FACTS

FACTS Email:
CHCS Email:

Please contact the business office at (330) 896-0852 for more information.


Ed Choice

Every student in the state of Ohio is eligible to receive an EdChoice scholarship based on family income. Scholarships range from $650 to $6,165 per year, per student grades K-8. To get more information and to apply for the scholarship, click on the following link.

Ed Choice Details

Required Financial Documents

There are a number of financial records you will need, including your federal income tax return, W-2 forms, and supporting documentation for non-taxable income. For answers to frequently asked questions please click here.

If you have additional questions please call FACTS Management at 1-866-441-4637.

Once you have gathered your financial information, it takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete the application online. Gathering your financial information is similar to collecting information to file your taxes and takes about the same length of time. You do not have to complete the entire application at one time. Your username and password will allow you to access your data until you have completed the payment section.

There is a $40 US non-refundable application fee, payable by credit or debit card.


Financial Partnerships

Financial Assistance is available through Partnerships to help families in grades K – 6 meet the costs of tuition after the student has been accepted.

Chapel Hill Christian School uses FACTS Management to process your financial aid application. FACTS Management will provide standardized and impartial processing in a confidential setting.

FACTS Website


Ohio Christian Education Network SGO

Students in grades K-6 can apply for a scholarship to attend schools that are members of the Ohio Christian Education Network. These scholarships are funded through the generous gifts of members of our school community to make Christian education possible.

Apply to OCEN SGO


Refer a Friend

A significant portion of our current student body has joined our school through recommendations from friends or family members. Satisfied parents have consistently proven to be our most effective means of promotion. Recognizing the value of this, we'd like to offer you an incentive to share the excellence of Chapel Hill with others. When you refer a newly enrolled family, you'll receive a $250 tuition credit as a token of our appreciation. These referral incentives will be applied after the referred student has been enrolled for a duration of nine weeks. The potential for earning referral credits is unlimited.

We warmly invite you to join us in spreading the word about Chapel Hill Christian School. Should you have any inquiries regarding the attached form or require additional brochures to distribute among your acquaintances, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support of Chapel Hill Christian School.


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