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Preschool Program for Age 3

Nurturing Atmosphere

Our dedicated staff fosters a nurturing and imaginative space for your child to explore academic, social, and spiritual concepts.

Active Exploration

We encourage 3-year-olds to embrace their natural curiosity while familiarizing them with the school setting.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Preschool curriculum covers readiness skills, motor skills, foundational letters, numbers, and basic phonics, complemented by creative expression through arts, music, and physical activities.

Biblically Integrated

Just like all grade levels at CHCS, our curriculum is rooted in Biblical principles and seamlessly integrated.

Engaging Early Learning

Our Preschool program offers a stimulating and secure environment for young learners.

Balanced Experience

We recognize the importance of playtime, naps, snacks, and story reading, and we allocate time for these activities.


Flexible Scheduling

Choose the Preschool schedule that suits your family's needs, with options including Five and Three-day schedules for both Full Day (9:00AM – 3:30PM) and Part Day (9:00AM – 1:30PM).

Convenient Day Care

Supplementary Day Care is available before and after regular school hours for all grades.

Lunch Options

We offer daily hot lunch options for added convenience.

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Pre-K Program for Age 4

Foundation for Excellence

Our Pre-Kindergarten program lays the essential groundwork to prepare your child for success in all aspects of life.

Thoughtful Approach

We guide 4-year-olds with care, gently nurturing their readiness for Kindergarten.

Fundamental Concepts

Pre-K learners are introduced to key educational concepts in a fun and enjoyable learning environment.

Integrated Curriculum

Our Pre-K curriculum seamlessly incorporates Biblical principles and covers readiness skills, letters, numbers, and basic phonics.


Enriching Subjects

We offer engaging subjects such as Art, Music, Physical Education, library exploration, computer keyboard skills, and introductory Spanish language lessons.

Spiritual Growth

To instill a Biblical perspective, we conduct weekly chapel services and participate in Chapel Hill's mission outreach to children in Guatemala.

Flexible Scheduling

Pre-Kindergarten options include both Five and Three-day schedules, available in both Full Day (9:00 AM – 3:30 PM) and Part Day (9:00 AM – 1:30 PM).

Convenient Day Care

Supplementary Day Care is accessible before and after regular school hours for all grade levels.

Lunch Options

We provide daily hot lunch choices for added convenience.

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