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Chapel Hill Christian School has been providing the highest quality Christian education to the Akron area for nearly 60 years.

Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to helping your child reach his/her full potential academically, socially and spiritually.

We believe strongly that the primary responsibility for “training a child in the way he should go” rests on parents, and should be supported by the local church and school. Our goal is to work together to cultivate Christ-like character, strong social skills and academic excellence in your child.


Impressive Test Scores

Chapel Hill students have consistently excelled, surpassing the national average by 18 months and outperforming the ACSI median score by 3 months in standardized test scores over the past two years.

Grades One to Three Opportunities

Students in grades one through three have a wealth of enriching opportunities, including participation in choir, drama, Speech Meet, and a selection of esteemed Late Day programs.

Weekly Chapel Services

Our weekly chapel services are a core aspect of the school experience and feature guest speakers and musicians.

Principals Club Recognition

One chapel service per month is dedicated to the "Principals Club," where teachers recognize students who exemplify Christ-like character traits and Fruits of the Spirit.

Flexible Day Care

Supplementary Day Care is readily available before and after regular school hours for all grade levels, providing flexibility for families.

Convenient Lunch Options

Students can conveniently access a variety of daily hot lunch options.

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