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The Story of Chapel Hill


In 1963, the Chapel Hill Church on Howe Road in Cuyahoga Falls decided, under the leading of the Lord, to construct their education addition as a multipurpose unit to provide for both a Sunday School and a Christian Day School.

Our Logo history

The building, completed in the spring of 1965, made available a facility that allowed for the opening of Chapel Hill Christian School with its first sessions in September 1966. At that time, the school held classes for pre-kindergarten through 7th grade. When Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy opened for 7th through 12th grades in 1969, CHCS became an elementary school for pre-K through 6th grades. Growing enrollment eventually led to the building of a thirteen-classroom addition in 1971.

Chapel Hill Christian School South (then known as the Coventry Branch; now as the South Campus) was established for the 1976-77 school year in answer to the rising demand for quality Christian education. At that time, classes were held in a facility provided by the Brown Street Alliance Church and included pre-K through 2nd grade. The following year the Coventry branch moved into a new facility shared with the Riverside Alliance Church (formerly Brown Street Alliance) on South Main Street in Akron. By the fall of 1978, it had expanded through 6th grade.

Due to overcrowded conditions, the East Liberty School building was purchased in 1983, with the first day of school held on November 28, 1983. An addition to this building was completed in May 1991, including needed office space and two classrooms.

In the fall of 2014, the South Campus moved to the newly renovated Milroy School at 1639 Killian Road, Akron, Ohio 44312. The North Campus also opened the 21st Century Learning Center. We look forward to using these expansions and watching how God will work through Chapel Hill Christian School to continue building on the foundation that was begun in 1966.

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