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Bringing the Bus Home!

Can you remember all the way back to Thanksgiving of 2019?! I sure can!

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving CHCS boys and girls and moms and dads came to school in a different way.  You all came lugging loads and loads of quarters! Why?

It was #Giving Tuesday and you were helping CHCS purchase a new-used bus, so that students could go on awesome field trips to farms, museums, businesses, factories, parks and, of course, Beulah Beach.  In fact, last year’s Sixth-Graders have a day trip planned to that very place in July.

Image of front of Bus

Well, all the quarters were poured into play buses in the hallway, and after we counted them all up…guess what?!  Combined with a wonderful gift from a friend of our school, North and South Campuses had collected over $20,000!  Another friend offered to finish the project, and last week Mr. Kirk was able to bring our bus home!

Image of side and back of bus

Ya know what this makes me “get to thinkin’?”  That’s right… a Bible verse.

But my God will provide all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

And that’s the truth! 

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