Terri Weaver
P.E. Teacher
North, South
Hello, my name is Terri Weaver and it is my joy to teach physical education at CHCS. I had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home and accepted Christ into my heart while I was in elementary school. I attended Dayton Christian School from grades 7-12 and then Malone University graduating with a B.S. in Elementary Education (1-8) and Physical Education (K-12). I am so glad God led me to teach at CHCS where I can share my love for the Lord as well as my love for movement. "I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalm 139:14. I believe that God has called me to teach children how to use the wonderful bodies He has given them to bring Him praise. At CHCS-S I teach all grades while at CHCS-N I teach grades 1-4. Students in Pre-S, Pre-K, and K work on large motor skills: running, jumping, galloping, hopping, skipping etc. Grades 1&2 will have units in tumbling, balance beam, throwing/catching, games and fitness testing. 3rd graders are introduced to basketball and soccer to prepare them to play on our intramural teams. 4-6 graders have additional units in softball and volleyball. They also learn about aerobic fitness, flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance. Students in grades 4-6 may participate in our after school intramural sports program which consists of basketball in the fall, volleyball in the winter and soccer in the spring. All students in grades 1-6 have their fitness levels assessed in the fall and spring with the Fitness Gram tests. I hope your child enjoys the time spent in learning new skills, wellness topics, sportsmanship and teamwork. I would like my students to remember that one way to honor God and to be a good steward of His creation is to pursue a healthy lifestyle.