Stephanie Marroquin
2nd Grade Teacher
Personal Info:

My name is Stephanie Marroquin. I am very excited to be teaching second grade. Christian education, and especially Chapel Hill, has been an influential part of my life for many years. I attended Chapel Hill for PK-6th grades. I continued my Christian education at Heritage Christian for 7th-12th grades. I then pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Upon graduation, God placed a desire for Christian education on my heart and lead me back to Chapel Hill as a teacher. After 8 years of teaching, God blessed my husband and I with a family and I took time off to be at home with my three boys. They are now attending Chapel Hill as well, and I am thankful that God has given me the chance to be teaching once again in a place that feels life home.

What’s Special about 2nd Grade:

Second grade is an exciting year with lots of growth. As second graders, we work hard to strengthen our reading skills and begin to dive into more complex and exciting literature. We also respond to text with developing paragraphs and writing. In math, we build upon the addition and subtraction foundations, by now introducing carrying and re-grouping. Excitement and fun are always at its peak when second graders are introduced to the concepts of multiplication and division!!! Second grade is a fun year, full of hands on learning.

Major Events and Special Projects of this Year:

Second grade is full of fun projects to help us learn. Making edible landforms, animal habitats, and building our own communities, are just a few of the projects we will do this year to help us discover about the world God created. We’ll celebrate things like International Children’s day, to learn about cultures, Hibernation Day, as we experience what it’s like to be a bear, and of course, 100s day, when we fast forward some years and write about and dress like we are 100 years old. We take field trips to Akron Fossil Museum, the theatre, and a local camp to help us enhance the things we are learning in the classroom.