Lisa Meyer
Reading Specialist
Contact Mrs. Meyer I have been involved in reading at CHCS since 1990. I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Malone University in education. My hobbies are reading, scrapbooking, playing volleyball, and riding my tandem bicycle with my husband. I am thrilled to work with the faculty and staff at CHCS. This is a wonderful place to be! I typically work with students whose teachers refer them. This may be based on test scores or classroom performance. Students come out two times a week for a half hour each time. They may come individually, or in small groups. We work on phonemic awareness and phonics skills with the younger students, and oral fluency, silent reading rate, and comprehension skills as the students progress through the grades. When a student is new to the program, I start out by giving them a reading test to see exactly what their needs are. I work closely with teachers to ensure the students are getting the most they can from their experience in the mod. If you have any questions about your child's reading ability, check first with their teacher. He or she will talk to me and we will see if there is a need for extra reading instruction for your child. I love working at Chapel Hill Christian School with students in reading! Accelerated Reader®  The goal of this program is to increase reading comprehension.  The students read a book and take a comprehension quiz on the computer.  The books must be read very carefully, and it is a good idea to take the test shortly after finishing the book so that the information will be recalled accurately.  You can help your students choose books and can check the website: to see if the book has an AR quiz available.  That website will also help you search for books at your child's reading level if you do an Advanced Search and put in their reading level.

Goals Of The Library Program

Students are learning many things about reading from the difference between fiction and nonfiction books in the lower levels, to different genres of literature in the upper levels.  They are also learning how to locate books of interest to them by using the Dewey Decimal System and the library's online catalog (Grades 3-6).  The younger students also work on finding appropriate books by learning where each type of book is located in our library.  They learn about authors and sometimes get a chance to "be an author" and read to us what they have written.  They practice reading skills by doing reader's theater plays for each other.  We use many ways to get students interested in books and how the library is organized - even music!

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