Lauren Duvall
3rd Grade Teacher
Hello, my name is Lauren Duvall. I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach children at Chapel Hill Christian School. It is my goal to nurture children into a love of learning and most importantly into love with Jesus Christ. I grew up in Hudson, Ohio and went on to study elementary education at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. After graduating, I married my husband Darryl and we started our family. The Lord has blessed our lives with three beautiful girls, Ashley, Makayla and Parker. I then started my teaching career by being a Title I tutor for three years in the Streetsboro City School District. In January 2014 I was blessed with the opportunity to fulfill my calling of teaching here at Chapel Hill Christian School, where two of my children attend. My family is delighted to be part of Chapel Hill Christian School. I love the independence and love that third graders have, yet they are still hungry for wisdom and advice. They are still so moldable and willing to learn. I pray that they grow spiritually as well as academically, emotionally, and socially. We are going to have a great time falling in love with Jesus, books, and learning! What’s Special About Third Grade? Third grade is a transitional year from the “right answer” teacher-directed curriculum of second grade and the “explain your answer” independence of the fourth grade. Learning to be self-directed and self-governed are important new skills. Major Events For This Year
  • Community Service Projects; making No Sew Blankets for homeless shelters
  • Field trip to explore God’s Creation
  • Cleveland Natural History Museum Field Trip to explore Native Americans
  • Native American Day
  • McKinley Museum Field Trip
  • Water Day
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