Kristin Guthrie
Spanish, P.E. Teacher
North, South
Hola!  My name is Kristin Guthrie or Señorita Guthrie as the students call me.  I graduated from Chapel Hill Christian School in 2002 and have loved being back as the Spanish teacher at both campuses, as well as the PE teacher at the North campus! I graduated with a B.A. in Spanish from Malone University.  While studying at Malone, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Xalapa, Mexico, for two semesters which really helped to solidify my knowledge of the Spanish language. Not only did the experience give me a deeper understanding of the Spanish language, but it also gave me a deeper appreciation for Latin American culture.   I love that Chapel Hill has a missions focus, and teaches the students how they can help people from all around the world.  By teaching Spanish, I hope that the children will desire to further God's Kingdom and share His love with others by reaching out to people who speak a different language.  I remember looking forward to Spanish class every week at Chapel Hill, and I hope that your students will as well!   2)  What’s Special About this Class? Spanish was one of my favorite classes when I was a student at CHCS.  I love the connection the students are able to make with our sponsored students in Guatemala through learning Spanish.   3)  Major Events of this Year Latin American Christmas Celebrations, 4th-6th Grade plays, 5th Grade field trip to a Mexican restaurant where the students order in Spanish, Spanish Day (a cultural learning day for PS-3rd grade students organized by the 6th grade students)   4)  Special Projects this Year 3rd Grade Spain Projects, 5th Grade Family Tree Project, 6th Grade Country Projects   5)  Recommended Links - Spanish Bingo (search for Spanish vocab flashcards)