Dylan Bee
Art Teacher
Hello! My name is Dylan Bee, and I am beyond excited to be teaching art at Chapel Hill Christian School. I consider myself incredibly blessed that the Lord has given me this opportunity to guide children to see the beauty of His creation through visual art. I grew up in Boston Heights, Ohio and went to school in Hudson. I come from a family of artists, so my creativity and love for visual art have been well-nurtured ever since I was a child. It is my prayer that I do the same for your child! I attended Kent State University and received a B.A. in Art Education, licensed to teach K-12. I believe my time at Kent has prepared me immensely to teach art to young, creative minds. I lead the class by providing students with a sense of freedom and responsibility to take ownership of their individual learning. I treat all students with compassion and respect. Regardless of the age-group, my students will leave class knowing that they are unique, talented, and fully capable of being successful in any endeavor. I want to walk alongside my students in their education, guiding and preparing them for the future that awaits them. I want to help students see that they are fellow image-bearers, created to do good works in Christ Jesus. What is Special About This Grade? • Elementary students have unfiltered creativity and imagination that surpasses even that of adults. Major Events This Year • TBD Special Projects This Year • We will explore the beauty of the natural world! • Elements and Principles of Art • Multimedia Art • Multisensory Art • 2D and 3D Art • Self Portraits • Landscape Recommended Links • https://civa.org/ • https://artfulparent.com/painting-activities-kids-60-ideas/