My name is Dean Barrett. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania as a pastor’s son. My father was a pastor in the United Methodist Church for forty years. It has been my privilege to serve as the sixth grade teacher at the South Campus of Chapel Hill Christian School since the fall of 1978. I graduated from Asbury College in 1978 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. My wife, Susan, and I have been married since 1979. We have two children. Our son, Jarrod, graduated from Chapel Hill Christian School in 1998. Our daughter, Amanda, graduated from Chapel Hill Christian School in 2000. Susan and I are thankful that both of our children had the opportunity to be nurtured and loved by their teachers while at Chapel Hill.

The Lord truly has blessed me with the opportunity to work with sixth graders and their families during my years at Chapel Hill. Sixth graders are a neat group of young people. I love working with them. It has always been my goal to help my students grow academically, emotionally and spiritually. I also love being their friend. Over the years, I have always tried to be involved with my students in as many ways as I can. We have a great time in sixth grade.

I am committed to working to develop the minds and hearts of the children entrusted to my classroom during their sixth grade year at Chapel Hill Christian School-South Campus. It is a wonderful experience to partner with your family and church in raising your children during very important years of their lives.

What’s Special Sixth Grade?

Sixth graders are a special group of young people. Most of them are experiencing those wonderful pre-teen years. I find that sixth graders have reached a certain degree of independence, but they also realize that they depend on adult leadership to continue to help them to develop academically, socially and emotionally, and spiritually.

I am amazed at the insightfulness of my sixth grade students. Our class discussions concerning current events and real life issues are special times in my class. My sixth graders are great helpers and good citizens in our school. I have found them to be responsible with school jobs that help make our school run smoothly and efficiently. Sixth graders love to work on school projects. Their presentations to their classmates are exciting and fun to watch.

Another fun time for sixth graders is their after lunch recess. They love their times of physical activity. Probably the most heart touching aspect of my sixth grade students is how they show care and compassion for people. We have prayer time in class where we bring before the Lord special people and situations that are dear to the lives of the sixth graders. What a blessing I have received from the Lord over the years working with the sixth grade students at Chapel Hill Christian School.

Major Events Of This Year

Some of the major events for sixth graders to enjoy include field trips to the Akron Fossil and Science Center, a spider and insect search field trip to Mr. Barrett’s Wilderness, a beginning and an end of the year class spiritual retreat and Outdoor Education experience at Beulah Beach Camp and Retreat Center in Vermillion, Ohio, with a mid-year day retreat spiritual retreat in January held locally in Norton, Ohio. Also, I enjoy taking my students off campus for trips other than “educational field trips.” These trips include our class visiting nursing homes and assisted living facilities to sing Christmas carols and pass out student made Christmas cards to residents in December, our class Christmas party/movie held at my home, a trip to Brandywine for tubing in the winter, a trip to watch the Akron Rubber Ducks play baseball at Canal Park in the spring, and a trip to Cedar Point on our last day of school. These are great adventures that our sixth graders enjoy during their last year at Chapel Hill.

Special Projects This Year