Colleen Graham
Kindergarten Teacher
My name is Colleen Graham, and I am thrilled to teach at CHCS. I began substitute teaching when my youngest child entered kindergarten. I have enjoyed the teaching, the children, and the Christ centered environment at CHCS. After a few years of substituting, I began to feel the Lord calling me to full time teaching. I was raised in a loving Christian family and attended Christian school throughout my grade school and high school years. I graduated from Kent State University with a bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education. I taught Junior High for three years until my husband and I started a family. Mark and I are blessed to have a son, Steve, and a daughter, Mary. I believe Kindergarten is a great grade to teach because the children are so excited and enthusiastic about learning. At this age, they learn through modeling, play, and engaging lessons. It is rewarding to watch them develop their academic and social skills throughout the year. What's Special About Kindergarten? One of the main goals of kindergarten is to provide and teach structure and organization. In addition, your child will learn self-control, self discipline, and responsibility. Kindergarten is a year to enjoy learning, make friends, progress academically at various developmental levels, become independent and grow close to knowing Christ and developing a relationship with Him. Major Events For This Year
  • Pumpkin Farm/Hayride Field Trip
  • 100th Day Celebration
  • Superkids Alphabet Parade
  • Community Outreach Project
  • Butterfly Project
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