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Remote Learning Tools

School at home? Here's what you need to know to have a smooth experience!

Information for parents on Remote Learning

This page has been created to help communicate which tools CHCS is using during this COVID-19 “Stay-At-Home” mandate. We understand that you may not be familiar with the tools and technology we are rolling out for students and wanted to make sure you understand the necessary items to enable effective learning and assessment while children are at home. Please read through the following items for an understanding of what we as a district are putting in place. Your teachers will have other tools on a class-by-class basis, and will be giving instruction as needed to access and participate in those resources.

Teachers will be available online for real-time communication:

9am – 11am


Acceptable Devices are Computers, Laptops, Chromebooks. Not Accepteable are Tablets and Phones

Acceptable Devices

As much as we love our tablets here at CHCS, we cannot fully recommend them for distanced learning at this time. Unfortunately, many of our online websites do not function or log in correctly on tablets and smartphones, and some iPad apps we use require a purchase to install, which we will not mandate for families. All of our web-based tools are purchased by the school, and therefore already licensed for your child to use at no additional cost.

We can only fully support remote classroom technology on PC or Mac desktop/laptops and Chromebooks/Chrome Boxes at this time. If you choose to use tablet or smartphone devices understand there may be problems outside of our control that could impede your progress.

* If you do not have access to a proper computer or chrome device, please contact the CHCS office for assistance.

Chrome Logo

Google Chrome Web Browser (Required)

Chrome is a web browser from Google. It works just like Internet Explorer, Safari, or other browsers but offers some unique features well-suited for education. Students log into Chrome using their school email address and have access to items through Google’s SSO (Single Sign On) features automatically. Additionally, Chrome offers “extensions” which can be installed, allowing tools like Clever to extend Chrome’s functionality.

This browser is required for all students, and is available for every device below.

Student Applications

Clever Logo


Clever is the Portal for all student tools and applications. Once a student logs into Clever, they will see all of their sites as icons on a dashboard and will not need to log in to most of their other password-protected websites and apps. We are working hard to make sure our Clever integrations are working correctly, but please note that there are still several applications where a password will be needed.

* Clever requires the Google Chrome Web Browser, along with their extension which can be installed below

Classroom Logo

Google Classroom

Google Classroom takes the physical classroom into the digital realm by connecting students as a class with their teachers. Teachers can create assignments, communicate with their class, and utilize video either live through hangouts meet, or through pre-recorded lessons placed into the classroom feed. Access Google Classroom through your Clever Portal, and find all of your class’s assignments and more here!

Meet Logo

Google Hangouts Meet

Meet is Google’s video-conferencing platform which is integrated into Google Classroom. We will be utilizing Meet (Hangouts) for all live video sessions between students and teachers. This secure platform allows students to get together online with their teachers and hold a virtual classroom live! Most importantly, we as a district can control the safety and security of students through this great tool.

Formative Logo


Formative is our answer to filling out digital versions of paper assignments. Through it’s tight integration with Google Classroom, Formative allows students to complete “formative assignments” created by their teachers in google classroom, all through it’s simple and easy to use interface. They can ask questions directly on the assignment to their teacher and much more. Once the assignment is complete, a simple “submit” button sends the completed work back to the teacher to be graded. 

Parent Communication

Remind Logo


Remind is the official communication channel for our District to Parents. Remind messages will be sent for critical communications from our district staff and your student’s teachers. To ensure important messages are recieved, many Remind messages will also be emailed as well.

It is available as an app for iOS and Android devices, or through the Remind website.

Zoom Logo

Zoom (Parents and Staff)

Zoom is our chosen tool for live video-conferencing between parents and staff. Join a zoom call and utilize your webcam to chat in real-time with your teacher or administrators.

*Students and teachers will video-conference through Google Hangouts Meet, built into Google Classroom.

District Videos

Remote chapel Icon

Remote Chapels

Even though we’re stuck at home, we can’t overlook the importance of staying connected to God’s word through our weekly chapel services.

Please check on facebook or our media page for a time of worship and prayer with a message from Pastor Wilson every Wednesday at 9:30 am.

Where's Wilson Icon

Where's Wilson? - Video Blog

This fun-featured blog from Pastor Wilson is available every day at 4:00pm on facebook and our media page! 

Along with a short message from God’s word, Pastor Wilson is challenging our students in an interactive game each day.

Have your child watch and write down which Hat, Location, and Scripture Verse daily to become a member of the Where’s Wilson Club and a chance to win a custom Where’s Wilson T-Shirt!

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