Connecting Hearts Ministry

Chapel Hill Christian School was founded with a missionary heart.

It has always been our desire to help students and their families understand that “God so loved the world!”

CHCS provides a safe place for children to learn, grow and begin to “spread their wings (Isaiah 40:31)”.  Here cultural diversity is celebrated, mistakes are learned from and lifelong friendships are formed.

“Connecting Hearts Ministry” is an outreach of Chapel Hill Christian School. CHCS partners with two Christian schools in Guatemala to help provide a Christian education for needy students. By giving offerings, CHCS students sponsor the education of deserving children in these two schools. Their sponsorship provides tuition, books, uniforms, food, and other benefits for these children.

This program, begun in 1994 with three children, has grown to more than 150 sponsorships. CHCS students pray regularly for their sponsored children, exchange letters, pictures and gifts, and connect with them one time a year through video and a translator.  Heart connections are made as our students interact and hear about their sponsored student throughout their years at Chapel Hill Christian School. Many students sponsored through CHM have graduated from high school and college and have lives that are transformed as a result of the generosity of their sponsors.Graduates of this ministry often return to serve in the ministry through translation and being the “hands and feet of Christ.”

In addition, Connecting Hearts Ministry offers trips to Guatemala multiple times each year, allowing sponsors to meet their students, visit in their homes, and celebrate graduations and special events. This creates an even closer bond and long-lasting relationship with their sponsored student. We offer an incredible opportunity for our sixth grade students to travel to Guatemala on a missions trip to visit our two schools and meet their sponsored students face to face. Through these relationships, Connecting Hearts Ministry desires to build the kingdom of God by developing hearts of students, both at home and around the world, to serve Christ. Please visit our Connecting Hearts Ministry website for more information.