Connecting Hearts Ministry

Student Sponsorship through Connecting Hearts Ministry is a special ministry outreach opportunity of Chapel Hill Christian School.  Each year CHCS students, through offerings, provide tuition, books, uniforms, food and other benefits for children attending Christian schools in Guatemala.  This program, which started in 1994 with three children, has now grown to more than 250 sponsorships.  CHCS students pray regularly for their sponsored children, exchange letters, pictures and gifts, and connect with them one time a year through video and a translator.  Heart connections are made as our students interact and hear about their sponsored student throughout their years at Chapel Hill Christian School.  We offer an incredible opportunity for our sixth graders to travel to Guatemala on a missions trip to visit our two schools and meet their sponsored students face to face. 


The focus of the missions program at Chapel Hill Christian School is to raise up godly children with hearts to serve Christ at home and around the world.

Chapel Hill Christian School was founded with a missionary heart.

It has always been our desire to help students and their families understand that “God so loved the world!”

CHCS provides a safe place for children to learn, grow and begin to “spread their wings (Isaiah 40:31)”.  Here cultural diversity is celebrated, mistakes are learned from and lifelong friendships are formed.

Our Connecting Hearts Ministry initiated over 25 years ago intimately connects our students and families to missionary endeavors on five continents.  While blending the disciplines of global studies, languages and international history and culture, Connecting Hearts Ministry actually allows our children to explore service in missions to our two sister schools in Guatemala.

Through the use of mission offerings, video conferencing and mission trips, CHCS students and their families become servants for Christ in Peronia and La Tinta, Guatemala by sponsoring over 250 students in their endeavor to receive Christian education from pre-kindergarten through college.  Graduates of this ministry often return to serve in the ministry through Christian education, translation and simply serving as the” hands and feet of Christ.”

In La Tinta, located in the beautiful mountains of Guatemala, Connecting Hearts was given the vision for an entirely new school property and building which has now become a reality.  Through the generous sponsorship of CHCS students, alumni and their families God has provided teacher training, buildings, food, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and technology for the purpose of His work through Christian education in Guatemala.

Most importantly, however, our “hearts have become intimately connected” to the heart of God and to the hearts of brothers and sisters in Christ who are shining the light of Christ in a cultures around the globe.  Connecting Hearts Ministry truly gives CHCS students the Biblical perspective of Christ’s greatest command “to love” and Christ’s great commission “to go!”