Susan Grizzle
Math Specialist

I began teaching at Chapel Hill Christian School, North Campus, in the fall of 1986 as the Math Specialist when my daughter was in 1st grade and my son was in pre-kindergarten. I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Akron in education with math as my specialty.  I have completed graduate classes in educational technology. I previously was a classroom math teacher and also worked in computer-based education at The University of Akron. I love being a part of the CHCS family and working with students for math tutoring and math enrichment. Since I have been a part of CHCS for many years, it has also been my joy to have students of former students (the second generation) to work with in the Math Mod! I also coordinate the Mastering Math Facts (Rocket Math) program used to help students learn the basic math facts and the ACSI Math Olympics for the North Campus.

My mission as I work with students, is to assist them in improving their math skills, math concepts, basic math facts, and to have some fun with math, too.  I want all my students to gain confidence and proficiency in math and to see that God is the Great Creator-Designer of our orderly world and math is a part of His design.  The theme verse I use with my students in the Math Mod is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). The Lord has blessed me with this wonderful opportunity to serve Him at CHCS.

My husband is a retired pastor.  We served together faithfully over 40 years in four different churches in the greater Akron area. Both of our children graduated from Chapel Hill Christian School. Our daughter is a CPA with her own business and likes to work with numbers, too! She is married and they gave us two granddaughters that we spend much time with.  Our son is an architect who loves to work with technology and started his own company.

What’s Special About Math Mod?
  • Math Tutoring: Students who are struggling or need some extra help in math come to the Math Mod once a week. These students work on math topics that are being covered in the classroom plus basic math facts. Usually, a portion of their time each week is spent using various math software that reinforces math concepts worked on that day, or gives practice on basic math facts.
  • Math Enrichment: Some students who are excelling in math may be selected to come to the Math Mod once a week for Math Enrichment.  During this time different topics and areas of math are covered, especially reasoning, along with some fun activities for math.  The students also use math software or games that extend and challenge their math abilities.
  • ACSI Math Olympics: Each year, all the students in grades 3-6 take part in testing to select students to participate in the ACSI Math Olympics. Six students from each grade are chosen to participate in this contest – three in the area of computation and three in the area of reasoning.  They are “coached” for several weeks before the competition in the Math Mod.  Then, the students compete against students from as many as 9 other Christian schools in the area. The participants do receive ribbons and/or certificates according to their performance.
Major Events of This Year
  • Mastering Math Facts (Rocket Math) program to build math fact fluency begins in the fall for grades 2-4.  It begins in January for grade 1.
  • ACSI Math Olympics held in November each year.
Recommended Links
  • McGraw-Hill Mathematics online is the publisher of our school math textbooks.
  • Fun Brain has many educational games and activities (divided by grade levels) for math and other subjects.
  • Dositey has free interactive lessons, exercises and worksheets, educational games in math and language arts. Sections for grades K-2, 3-4, and 5-8.
  • Cool Math 4 Kid is an "amusement park of math games and more."