Kim Maher
4th Grade Teacher
Hello! My name is Kim Maher. What a privilege it is to partner with God, parents, and the entire Chapel Hill Christian School staff in the education of children. I graduated from The University of Akron in 1993 and have been blessed to be a teacher in both public and private schools. During my years at CHCS, I have taught at both the North and South Campus, and have had the amazing opportunity to serve at both the Amigos and San Marcos School in Guatemala. My husband, Len, and I live in Wadsworth with our two daughters, Leah and Natalie, and our chocolate lab Chloe. Leah and Natalie are graduates of CHCS, and still remember their time at both campuses and Guatemala fondly. Len is a full-time Youth Pastor at Freshwater Community Church in Wadsworth. I am so excited for the new school year of learning to start! I love what Ephesians 3:20 says about God and His mighty work within us. It says that He is able to do infinitely more than we can even ask or imagine. I am prayerful that He does more than what we can even ask or imagine at Chapel Hill Christian School this year, and together, we tell Him thank you. What Is Special About 4th Grade?
  • Students begin to show more responsibility and independence.
  • Students enjoy working with others in order to meet a common goal.
  • They become good problem solvers.
  • They are expressive, talkative, and like to explain.
Major Events of This Year
  • Outreach to a local Assisted Living Facility
  • Theater trip to see a literature-based play
  • Field trip to an historic living history village
  • Field trip to a local pet shelter
  • Field trip to a science museum
  • 4th Grade Class Bonding Field Trips
Special Projects This Year
  • Learn all 50 States and Capitals.
  • Ohio History
  • The Launch of our new CIA Reading Program!
  • Writing: Informative, Narrative, and Persuasive
  • Many, Many, Many Hands on Science Experiments
Recommended Links
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