May 2017

Director of Missions
We are excited to share that God has called Mrs. Kelly Foguth to be the new CHCS Director of Missions as well as the Director of Connecting Hearts Ministry. Beginning in September 2017, Mrs. Danna Hall is stepping into a role of assisting Kelly as she takes over this responsibility. Kelly has taught second and fourth grades at CHCS-N and has a God-given passion for the children of Guatemala. We look forward to Kelly’s leadership in missions at CHCS!
ACSI Art Festival
This year, the 2017 ACSI Art Festival was held at Maranatha Bible Church.

Twelve schools, grades 3 through 12 from Northeastern Ohio, participated with a total of 293 pieces of artwork in a variety of mediums.

Each submission went through a judging process after which all students received either a blue, red or white ribbon acknowledging their excellence in art. During the judging, Student participants came to a workshop held by Kelci Rayl. Afterwards, they had a chance to view the art show on their own.

One, Best of Show and two, runners up were chosen in each of the following grade categories: 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. One of our students, Eliana, won Best of Show for a fabric collage self portrait in the 3-5 category.


March 2017

Youth Art Month

March was Youth Art Month, and quite an exciting month at Chapel Hill Christian School! In celebration, our students participated in many field trips and community events.

Sixth Grade explored storytelling via art at the Akron Art Museum. They toured Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of High Fructose, and Please Touch, where you really could TOUCH and PLAY with the exhibit in an art museum!  (CHCS Photo #1)

First Grade visited Akron Summit County Public Library for interactive storytelling with Miss Ann Marie Savoie, the magical superhero children’s librarian.  We checked out books to bring back as inspiration for our next art project, “Talking Critters”. Also, our Flights of Fancy, paper mache birds and their colorful houses were put on display for all of Akron during the month of March. (CHCS Photo #2, 3)

The CHCS window painting team gave Akron Children’s Hospital a breath of fresh spring air with our Puddles of Fun spring window murals.  CHCS 5th and 6th grade students paint the windows on the Locust St. Walking Bridge four times per year, changing with the seasons.  Patients and staff look forward to visiting with us and picking up a brush to join in the fun.  (CHCS Photo #4)

Youth Art Month rolls right into Summit County Children Services Child and Family Awareness Month!  Our own Fifth Grader, Mikah, won First Place in the annual SCCS Creative Contest writing and illustrating a storybook about the true love of family.  Mikah’s book features her own family with her sister Mayon as the main character.  SCCS “published” Mikah’s book as part of her prize.

(CHCS Photos #5, 6)

February 2017

100 Days of School

Each year, on the 100th day of school, students launch balloons with notes attached. These notes identify our school and city, as well as share a message about the love of Jesus with the John 3:16 scripture. And, each year we hear back from someone who found one of our balloons. Last year a balloon was discovered all the way in Northern Canada! Wonder how far the name of Jesus will travel this year?!



Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank

Our 5th grade classes from our North Campus had the opportunity to serve at the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank. The students packaged cereal, bottled soap, and stacked pasta boxed into storage boxes.

– They packaged approximately 1,100 pounds of products.
– That is the equivalent of 949 meals for those in need.

Way to go kids!!



Biographical Tea

Mrs. Ellwood’s 3rd Grade class recently hosted an impressive Biographical Tea event. Family members in attendance had the pleasure to meet and interview note-worthy guests such as Jackie Kennedy, Sacagawea, Orville Wright, Judy Resnik, Michelle Obama and many more! A fun and informative time was had by all!

January 2017

Connecting Hearts Ministry in Guatemala
Praise the Lord! We have so many wonderful things going on through our Connecting Hearts Ministry in Guatemala. In January a team of teachers, parents and students from CHCS traveled to Guatemala to teach, play and love on our students and their families. We also send much needed supplies and resources that are made available through our CHCS students and their offerings at Chapel. Along with that, God has provided, through several generous donors, the funds for us to build a new school building at our San Marcos location. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to spread the love of Jesus to the people in Guatemala.

December 2016

First Night Banner at Locke 3
December 2016 marks the second year that we have submitted a banner as part of the countdown to the annual Akron First Night Celebration. The banners were displayed on the side of the parking deck located in Lock 3 in downtown Akron from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve. This event is the largest countdown calendar of its kind in the United States. The program is open for participation to groups from all over Akron, ranging from community groups, arts groups, schools and many others. The city provides the 15’X6′ canvas and the paint. This is a great opportunity for our students to collaborate on a project of this size and our sixth grade class provided the ideas and hours of work painting the banner. “Silent Night, Holy Night” was the title of our banner this year and it featured the figures Mary, Joseph, the infant Jesus, a shepherd and an angel. Jesus is the central figure so that we can fix our eyes on him during this joyous time of year. Every Sunday afternoon the artists who created the banners that are unveiled that week are invited to talk about their banner. Some groups come to perform. This is a great opportunity to share the good news of salvation to our community! The banner will be on display until the end of February and at that time we can request the banner be returned to our school. Last year’s banner was displayed on the west fence of our school during the Christmas season.

November 2016

Math Olympics
48 CHCS Students participated in the November ACSI Math Olympics. Each campus sent 24 students which is the maximum amount allowed from participating schools. Typically 25% of our students place in either computation or reasoning or both! It’s not uncommon for children to score in the 85 percentile or higher. This year we had 9 Students from our South Campus and 8 Students from our North Campus place in the top 5 or higher of their category. There are no calculators used, just brainpower! CHCS students are seeing God’s perfect order through the unchanging concepts and theorems of mathematics.


May 2016

New Principal at North Campus

We’re experiencing wonderful, exciting, transitional days here at CHCS! Not only is the school year winding down, we’re also gaining a new Principal at our North Campus.

In an emotional moment at our North Campus Fine Arts Festival, the mantle was passed from one great leader to another. Also, a special ceremony was held during the May 16th Chapel. Students prayed over Mrs. Shafer, and symbolically washed her feet. Family members, and several past and present CHCS faculty, gathered around to pray and commission Mrs. Shafer into these next days of servant leadership at Chapel Hill Christian School.

Of course there’s a bittersweet element as we say goodbye to our beloved Mrs. Sharon Ausbury; however, we’re thrilled and grateful to be led into a new season by Mrs. Cathy Shafer!



Midieval Faire

Mrs. Watson’s  6th Grade class “Medieval Faire” is the culmination of a Middle Ages unit of study.

This yearly event begins bright and early with a parade of 6th graders, in full period costume, around the North Campus school grounds for the enjoyment and entertainment of the whole student body. After this, the students participate in “The Castle Games” which consists of curling, a stone throw, the gauntlet (a Medieval obstacle course), corn hole, and a huge tug-of-war.

The cafeteria is transformed by parent volunteers into the grand hall of a castle. A feast is served, including a whole roasted pig. And winners of various “Castle Game” events are awarded such coveted prizes as the pig hooves and head!

As the day winds down, students are regaled with stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

All loyal subjects then return to the manor where they depart for home. And, as Romeo said to Juliet, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

IMG_0944 IMG_0955 IMG_0960 IMG_0962 IMG_0998IMG_5843 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185 IMG_0187 IMG_0188 IMG_0189 IMG_1045 IMG_1050 IMG_1053


ACSI Art Festival

On Friday, May 13, CHCS hosted the annual regional ACSI Art Festival for the second year. Held at Maranatha Bible Church, this wonderful event involved 3rd through 12th grade students from twelve area schools such as Firelands Christian Academy, Emmanuel Christian Academy, and Chapel Hill North and South Campuses. Selected students’ art pieces were submitted for judging, and we had many red and blue ribbon winners as well as nominations for best of show! Special thanks to many parents and friends of Chapel Christian School for volunteering at this event; in particular, Mrs. Kelci Rayl, who taught a painting workshop for students from participating schools.

IMG_0173 IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0178 IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0176 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_3097

April 2016

Child & Family Awareness Award

Congratulations to this North Campus 5th Grader on winning a 29th Annual Child & Family Awareness Month Creative Contests Award! Beautiful work!



Spring Windows

For each season of this school year, CHCS art students have offered their time and talents to brighten the windows and lift the spirits at Akron Children’s Hospital. What a privilege and pleasure!

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Cleveland Browns Legend

What an honor to have Cleveland Browns legend, Mr. Don Cockroft, share with us in Chapel last Friday. Thank you for challenging us to Trust God, Do Our Best, and Never Give Up!

And, what a gracious guest to even pose with die hard Steelers Fan, 6th Grade Teacher, Mr. Barrett.  😉

Be sure to check out Mr. Cockroft’s book about the 1980 Browns Team dubbed “The Kardiac Kids”.



Skate Night

The Annual Family Skate Night was a huge success! It was wonderful to have over 200 of our South Campus students and family members come out for a great time skating, eating, and making memories!



The Letter People Parade

These Kindergarten cuties delighted the whole North Campus with a “Letter People Parade”! How Fun!



ACSI Accreditation

It’s officially-OFFICIAL:
We’re accredited for another term! Praise the Lord!
Much appreciation to ALL who tirelessly contributed throughout this process. We are so thankful!



Mrs. Hubbard

An awesome story from our South Campus:
“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2015. Miss McNulty’s first grade class (my son’s class) immediately began praying for me, especially on chemo days. My son began praying with Mrs. Wise and Pastor Wilson as well. The class made me a fleece blanket and prayed over it and put their painted handprints on it. I LOVE IT. To celebrate my last day of chemo and thank them for all of their support, my son had the idea to plan a ‘chemo party’. There were cupcakes and treats. We all made matching white bandanas, decorated them and everyone signed their name on each other’s bandanas…I especially appreciate Miss McNulty teaching the kids about prayer and providing extra love and care for my son the past six months.” -Angie Hubbard

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Beulah Beach Retreat

We’re excited for our South 6th Graders who are in the midst of the annual Beulah Beach Retreat! Please join us in praying for their time growing together!



Fiesta Day!

Mrs. Shafer’s Kindergarten class at North finished a study of Mexico with a “Fiesta Day”! Complete with a Mexican Hat Dance, piñata with candies and prizes, and a taco lunch! They made panchos, guitars, pottery, placemats, maraccas and wore sombreros to round out the whole experience! Muy bueno, el ninos y ninas!

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Akron-Canton Food Bank

The North Campus 6th graders volunteered at the Akron-Canton Food Bank this week. Proud of the way our students represent CHCS and Jesus!



Speech Meet

Our North Campus participated in Speech Meet early this month. Among the awesome 31 students to compete, there were 17 Blue ribbons, 10 Red ribbons, and 4 White ribbons awarded! Wow! We’re so proud of you all!



Volley Ball 

An epic battle of athletic will went down at our South Campus – and the Green Volleyball Team came out as Champions! Congratulations, Green Team! Great job!



The Treasure Tree

Recently, Mrs. Veon’s North Preschool class read “The Treasure Tree” – a great book about working together as the body of Christ with the gifts and talents God has given us. Through related activities during the week, they learned their strengths, and how they can use those strengths to work with their friends and accomplish great things. Incredible futures are being built at CHCS!

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