Way back in the month of October we were celebrating Joy as our monthly fruit of the Holy Spirit. Don’t ya think that Christian Joy is one of the most vital characteristics of the Life in Christ? It is also a fruit that may quickly go missing due to the “cares of this world”.

For this reason, God graciously gives us illustrations of Joy. We have them daily at Chapel Hill Christian School through students that do astounding things and then rejoice over them.

One of the best illustrations of Christ’s Joy comes from Miss Julie Schipper. If you find yourself entering the front door at the South Campus or eating lunch in the cafeteria, you can’t help but be blessed by “Julie-Joy”! While some of you have known Julie all her life, my seven-year friendship with her has really got me to thinkin. What is it about Miss Julie that spreads Joy?

Here is at least part of her secret:

  • She knows each of us by name, so I’m always greeted as a person she values.
  • She is always smiling, even on hard days, which welcomes me with warmth.
  • Julie is free to give hugs.
  • Julie enjoys every part of her job: making copies, wiping tables, picking up trash and shredding, and greeting for drop-off and pick-up.
  • She loves color and learning something new.
  • Hot chocolate is one of her favorites.
  • Julie loves her family, and almost all of us are included in her family.

What a challenge! Jesus desires that you and I exhibit the fruit of His Spirit: JOY! When he was speaking to His disciples at the end of His life and explaining to them about His love through the Holy Spirit, He said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

Why don’t we just pray about that? Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing beautiful illustrations of joy across our paths like Miss Julie. I’m challenged that as I abide in You, I might know YOUR Joy and that my joy might be complete in the powerful name of Jesus with thanksgiving, Amen.

Proud uv ya,

Pastor Wilson