“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” – Galatians 5:25

Have I told you yet what the theme for Chapel Hill Christian School is? Well, some of you have heard it hundreds of times because your children have been saying not only “Walk by the Holy Spirit”, from Galatians 5:16, but they have also been reciting the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

So Makayla, one of our Awesome 2nd graders has not only been putting the theme into practice, but has been deeply thinking about it! She recently made an appointment with me, the Administrator of the school, to come down to 2nd grade and check out something that was stowed away in the depths of her backpack.

What did she pull out? These awesome, “highly-loved”, pink house slippers. As you can see from the attached photo, Makayla’s slippers sport two Cheetah heads with huge eyes. It is as though they are watching for each step that Makayla will take.

But here’s the deeper message that “got Makayla ta thinkin’”: When she steps ahead in a straight line her two cheetah friends bob their heads forwards and backwards, as though they are saying, “YES, YES, YES”. However, if she moves off the path or takes a quick side-ways jaunt, they shake their heads, “Absolutely, No!”

So what is the precious interpretation of this awesome 2nd grader? As long as she is following Jesus, living in the Holy Spirit and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit, she experiences the Fruit of the Holy Spirit pouring through and growing out of her life. It’s a “YES”! If she should ever (which, obviously, Makayla would very seldom ever) diverge from the steps of the Holy Spirit by acting or talking in a way that does not represent the Holy Spirit of Jesus inside her, there is a deep check in her spirit. It’s a definite, “No!”

Maybe we should just stop to pray over it…Dear Father in Heaven, indwell us by your Holy Spirit, let us live in your Holy Spirit, let us keep in step with the Holy Spirit and let us exhibit Your fruits! I pray this for every grandpa and grandma, dad and mom and awesome student at CHCS. In the powerful Name of Jesus, with thanksgiving, Amen.